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K-Patents PR-23-W Refractometer for Concentration Measurement in Chemically-Aggressive Liquids

K-Patents' PR-23-W is is used in large scale production and in large pipelines for chemically-aggressive solutions and ultra-pure fine chemical processes.  Its Saunders body (diaphragm) sensor is designed to measure refractive index and temperature.

The PR-23-W graphite cast iron sensor body has a PFA chemical-resistant lining, and a stainless steel cover. Wetted parts are Spinel or Sapphire (prism), PTFE (prism gasket), and PVDF or PTFE (Teflon). It can be mounted in a vertical or a horizontal pipe.

The PR-23-W features digital sensing technology that is not affected by suspended solids, bubbles or color changes. The PR-23-W's measurement range covers 0-100% by weight.

Key Specifications

  • Measurement range: Refractive Index nD 1.3200 – 1.5300 (0-100% by weight)
  • Universal calibration of each sensor; sensors freely interchangeable
  • Dual connectivity: one transmitter can operate two sensors
  • Ethernet connection and remote panel for datalogging and remote operation
  • Configurable low and high concentration alarms
  • Process temperature range: -4° to 266°F (-20° to 130°C)
  • Approvals: FM Class I, Div 2, CSA Class I, Div 2, ATEX Zone II, Zones 0 and 1

Supporting Documentation

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