Testo 875 Handheld Thermal Imager for Commercial Diagnostic Measurements

Testing materials with the Testo 875 digital imager will help you visualize problems in industrial maintenance and production monitoring before a malfunction or a fire risk occurs. With the testo 875, you can quickly and easily identify energy loss in building thermography and help your customers save expensive heating costs.

Key Specifications

  • 19,200 temperature measurement points
  • 160x120 pixel detector size, Testo 4X Super Resolution to 320x240 pixels
  • 3.5" LCD screen for vibrant on-screen image views
  • 80 mK or 50mK NETD thermal sensitivity, 8-14μm spectral range
  • Manual focus

Supporting Documentation

Click the file icon to view the file online, or right-click on the file icon and select "Save Target As..." to download the file to disk for later viewing.