Testo 318-V Video PRO Digital Inspection Scope for Confined Spaces

Testo's 318-V is a premier digital inspection scope with video output. It's ideal for examining hard-to-reach, hard-to-see, or confined spaces. It's great for internal inspection of furnaces, heat exchangers, ducts, and more. The 2.5" full color LCD provides crystal-clear video from the miniature imaging sensor at the tip of the 42" water-tight shaft.

The bright white LED light combined with the auto focus and sensitivity of the camera lets you view objects as close as 3/8". Units come with digital inspection scope, mirror tip, magnetic tip, carrying case, and four AA batteries.

Key Specifications

  • Sharp image color camera with auto-sensitivity and focus
  • 2.5" color 320x240 high resolution LCD display
  • 42" water-tight small-diameter (0.42") flexible shaft
  • Capture the image on any standard recording device
  • Clip-on mirror for 90° viewing, clip-on magnet to retrieve objects up to a quarter pound
  • Composite RCA video output jack

Supporting Documentation

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