TSI Quest Sound Detector SD-200 Type 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter

The TSI Quest Sound Detector SD-200 handheld sound level meter is a compact, light weight solution for testing workplace noise levels. The built-in integrating feature computes an average sound pressure level for accurate assessment of intermittent sound levels. LED indicators on the SD-200 flash green, yellow, and red when the area sound level reaches a preset threshold.

Key Specifications

  • 45 to 130 dB dynamic range, with 3 or 5 dB exchange rate
  • LED alert levels: Flashing green at 80 to 85 dB, flashing yellow at 85 to 105 dB, flashing red >105 dB
  • Measures SPL, Max, Min, Leq, Lavg, runtime overload and under-range
  • Bright display has 3/4" digits, 0.1 dB resolution, 0.5 second update rate
  • Acoustic standards: ANSI S1.4 1983 (R2006), ANSI S1.43 1997 (R2007), IEC 61672-1 (2002), and IEC 61010-1 (2010)
  • Current replacement for the retired 3M Quest 2200 Type 2 sound level meter

Supporting Documentation

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