3M Quest QC-10 and QC-20 Sound Calibrator

These products have been retired and are no longer available for purchase. See the 3M AcoustiCAL AC-300 sound calibrator for a suitable replacement.

3M Quest portable self-contained calibrators generate stable acoustic signals at a controlled frequency and amplitude to provide quick, precise calibration to verify the accuracy of your sound level meter in the field.

The QC-10 is a single frequency calibrator that generates a constant sound pressure level of 114 dB at a fixed frequency of 1000 Hz. The QC-20 is a dual-frequency, dual-amplitude calibrator. It generates four selectable reference tones: frequencies of 250 and 1000 Hz, each at levels of 94 and 114 dB. The QC-20 is recommended for use with precision ANSI and IEC Type 1 meters. Both models have a standard 1" coupler opening that may be reduced via snap-in adapters.

Key Specifications

  • Meets ANSI S1.40-1984 and IEC 942:1988 Class 1 standards
  • Distortion less than 1% within temperature and humidity operating ranges
  • Standard 1-inch coupler opening with snap-in adapters for smaller coupler connections
  • Provides precise 1 volt RMS output signal via 1/8-inch phone jack
  • 9V transistor battery power, projected life >25 operating hours with intermittent use
  • Retired. Pleases see the 3M AcoustiCAL AC-300 for a suitable replacement.

Supporting Documentation

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