Grimm EDM-164 Portable Environmental Dust Monitoring System

The Grimm EDM 164 is a small, fully automatic aerosol spectrometer system combining reliable optical detection for counting and classifying dust particles inside a portable weather housing. EDM 164 is suitable for short or long-term continuous monitoring of dust pollution and enables real-time data analysis for dust and meteorological measurement data. It is ideal for perimeter dust measuring, mobile hot-spot monitoring, source identification or pollution control at construction sites, tunnel tests, or projects in other outdoor areas.

The EDM 164 detects airborne particles in a size range from 0.25 μm up to 32 μm with a size distribution in 31 channels. Every particle is detected in the optical measurement cell and classified into defined particle sizes based on the intensity of the scattering light signal. By adding an optional datalogger, you can access your EDM 164 environmental dust monitor over the web using a PC, tablet, or mobile phone, to visualize your data in real time.

Key Specifications

  • Measuring range: 0.25 - 32 μm with size distribution in 31 channels
  • 1-3,000,000 P/L particle concentration, 0.1-10,000 μg/m3 dust mass
  • Real-time output of measurement data as PM10, PM2.5, PM1, total count
  • Mobile stand-alone, fully automatic monitoring system with remote access and self-test for verifying start-up
  • Flow and refeeding of the permanent rinsing air keeps the optical measuring cell clean
  • Meets measurement standards EN12341, EN14907, US-EPA und GOST-R

Supporting Documentation

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