Grimm Mini-WRAS 1371 Combination Wide Range Aerosol Spectrometer and Optical Particle Counter

The Grimm Mini-WRAS 1371 is the only portable instrument on the market that allows simultaneous and precise real-time monitoring of both dust and nanoparticles. It continuously measures 41 size channels from 0.1 to 35 micrometers so you can measure the smallest particles with an easy-to-use portable field device.

The Mini-WRAS is a stand-alone, portable battery-operated device that can be fully remote controlled via Bluetooth. It is designed for applications in nanoparticle and PM monitoring, indoor air quality in buildings and vehicles, nanoparticle source identification, worplace monitoring, and industrial research and development.

Key Specifications

  • Real-time counting and classifying of nano- and dust particles in one portable battery-operated system
  • Particle size range 0.1 to 32 μm over 41 size channels
  • PM10, PM2.5, PM1, particle size distribution, surface, and dust mass
  • Displays count and mass or output per occupational health standards EN 481 (inhalable, thoracic, alveolic)
  • Complete scan in just 60 seconds
  • Eight-hour battery operation
  • USB, Bluetooth, and RS-232 data communication interfaces plus USB flash drive storage

Supporting Documentation

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