TSI P-TRAK® 8525 Ultrafine Particle Counter

The most persistent indoor air quality complaints are sometimes linked to ultrafine particles. At less than 0.1 micron in diameter, these particles are products of combustion or other chemical reactions.

Using the TSI P-TRAK 8525 real-time ultrafine particle counter, you follow a pollutant "pathway" to pinpoint its source. The P-TRAK 8525 is effective for checking filters, finding gasket leaks and identifying other pollutant pathways. Once found, the source can be isolated from occupied spaceso, you can take appropriate action, and then move on to the next source until the complaints and their causes are eliminated.

Key Specifications

  • Identifies and measures the root causes of indoor air quality complaints
  • Detects and counts ultrafine particles (< 0.1 Micron diameter)
  • Particles measured by focused laser light source and photodetector
  • TrakPro™ data analysis software included with every unit

Supporting Documentation

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