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RAECO Low Flow/Intrinsically Safe Personal Silica Sampling Kit

This kit is designed for personal silica sampling projects in low air flow environments, or where intrinsically safe sampling pumps are required to comply with OSHA's crystalline silica rule. It includes an intrinsically safe 5 LPM air sampling pump with a 2.2 LPM Higgins-Dewell style aluminum cyclone for use with 37mm cassette media. The kit also includes an air flow calibrator and the necessary accessories to complete your test.

Key Specifications

  • Kit components meet OSHA ID-142; NMAM 7500 analytical method qualifications as described in OSHA 29 CFR 1926.1153 (d)(2)(v) respirable crystalline silica rule
  • 8 hour sampling time
  • 5 LPM personal air sampling pump
  • 2.2 LPM Higgins-Dewell style aluminum cyclone
  • Kit includes 20 LPM air flow calibrator, tubing, and accessories
  • For use with 37mm sampling cassette media (Not included in kit, purchase separately as needed through your preferred lab)

Supporting Documentation

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