Proven tank cleaning technology reduces costs and time by 80%. Recovers millions in revenue!

Comparing controllable factors of tank cleaning systems

Gamajet IV rotary impinger

In 1959, a chemical engineer described the four factors that can be manipulated in any cleaning scenario: temperature, chemical reaction, time, and mechanical action. When the effectiveness of any factor is reduced, others must increase to balance it out. While mechanics is a one-time expenditure, the other three factors have ongoing costs associated with them: the cost to heat water, price of chemicals, staff time and process downtime.

Tank cleaning is the #1 culprit in water waste, and a major cause for lost production and revenue due to tank downtime. Maximizing mechanical force allows for the reduction in use of other costly resources.

GamajetAlfa Laval rotary impingement tank cleaning systems combine pressure and flow to create high-impact cleaning jets. The impact and force of the concentrated stream blast contanimants from the surface of your tank, and its repeatable 360° pattern ensures the entire tank interior is cleaned, without the need to send workers into a confined space to scrub.

Measurable results from Alfa Laval users

Tank Annual Downtime Annual Water Usage Result
Before: 5840 hrs
After: 486 hrs
Before: 26,280,000 gal
After: 2,190,000 gal
92% less water/chemicals
88% less time
$112K water savings
Before: 832 hrs
After: 156 hrs
Before: 1,206,400 gal
After: 41,600 gal
96% less water/chemicals
81% less time
280K kwh savings
Before: 3,650 hrs
After: 362 hrs
Before: 3,504,000 gal
After: 525,420 gal
85% less water/chemicals
90% less time
65% increase productivity
Before: 4,380 hrs
After: 1,362 hrs
Before: 5,253,000 gal
After: 2,569,600 gal
51% less water/chemicals
69% less time
$9.96M recovered revenue

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