Minor gas leak creates opportunity for major safety system improvements

What do I do if there’s a toxic gas release at my plant during off hours? How do I get detailed information (gas type, concentration, and location) to the emergency teams who respond to our call?

As much as our customers may try to prevent them, sometimes toxic gases are released during the course of plant operations or after hours. When a minor gas release occurred at a local manufacturing plant, safety engineers took it as an opportunity to improve the safety of their employees and the emergency personnel that get called to help resolve the problem.

The plant’s engineering, safety, and industrial hygiene teams, their alarm company, and the local fire department met with a team from RAECO and Honeywell Analytics. Their goal was to improve the safety of company employees, the rescue workers that support them, and improve their working relationship with the surrounding community.

This broad-reaching safety planning team started by identifying the potential hazards: chlorine gas and hydrogen cyanide could be released from the plant’s wastewater treatment operation, and there is the possibility of ammonia release from a bulk storage area. With risk to area workers, the adjacent neighborhood, and the first responders, being prepared for how to handle a leak is critical.

Next, they defined their objectives: Connecting existing facility evacuation and alarm system with the ability to provide information on gas type, location, and concentration. This would help first responders be better prepared for the environments they need to enter. Further, they specified that the system tie into their existing plant network, have local indication for area workers, using products with a history of high reliability, low maintenance requirements, local support, and low sensor replacement costs.

RAECO and Honeywell Analytics designed a system that accomplished all the project goals: They used Honeywell XNX transmitters with toxic gas sensors, and Honeywell HA series controllers. The sensors, which use Honeywell’s patented Reflex technology and SureCell design met their low cost, easy replacement requirements without giving up any reliability or accuracy.

RAECO provided system start-up assistance and user training for staff operators and engineers. Plus, they exceeded the customer’s project expectation further, by providing the entire system at a cost that was 20% less than the competitor’s offering.

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