How to Get Your Data — Downloading from a 3M Edge Noise Dosimeter

To download your data you will need to have QuestSuite Pro II or Detection Management Software installed.

Five Easy Steps

  1. Decide if you want two or three virtual dosimeters.
    1. For two: Install QuestSuite Pro II
    2. For three: Install 3M Detection Management Software
  2. Attach the dosimeter dock to your computer, and install the required driver.
    1. Select “Install a Recommended Driver” (You don’t need to search the Windows Update for this.)
    2. Windows will find the right driver from your 3M software installation, already on your PC.
  3. Put your dosimeter on the dock, and power it on. Do NOT push the Play button. For downloads, the dosimeter needs to be on, but not running/measuring.
  4. Download the data to your PC.
    1. In your software, go to My Instruments>Acoustics>Edge.
    2. Click the [Retrieve Data] button.  Choose [Select All], or pick a specific dosimeter's information.
    3. Click the [Download] button. When you're done, the software will tell you the download was successful.
    4. At the prompt "Do you want to clear the data?" choose yes or no. (3M recommends clearing the data after it's stored on your PC.)  

    For more information, see pages 8 and 9 of the Quick Tour: Using Edge Noise Dosimeters with QuestSuite II Software.

  5. 3M software file structureTo create an archiveable report of your session, right-click on the session folder and select “Print Session” from the menu.
    1. Select everything you need under Generate Report. This puts your report in the folder structure.
    2. Right-click the report and select Save As… to save the file to your desired location.