How to Tame Your (Ion Science PhoCheck) Tiger

Getting started installing software, using your computer to set the Tiger's configuration, and view stored data from an Ion Science PhoCheck Tiger photoionization detector for volatile organic compounds.
  1. Installing the Ion Science Tiger software on your PC
  2. Using the Tiger software to configure your Tiger VOC monitor or change its configuration.
  3. Using the Tiger software to view data and delete datalogs.

For this process, you’ll need a Windows PC, the PhoCheck Tiger, plus the USB cable and Ion Science USB thumb drive that came in your rental kit.

Important: Do NOT connect the instrument to your computer until the software is fully installed.

Step 1: Installing the Ion Science Tiger Software

  1. Insert the Ion Science thumb drive in an open USB slot on your PC.
  2. If your computer is set to automatically launch Autorun files, you’ll see the Tiger Installer screen below.
    Ion Science Tiger software installer screen
  3. If not, open the thumb drive in Windows Explorer, and double-click on the ion_cd_Tiger icon to launch the installer program.
    Manually launch Tiger software installer
  4. When you see this screen, click the [Install Tiger Software] button.
    Ion Science Tiger software installer screen
  5. When the setup program starts, click [Next] three times. This will accept the default program locations and Start Menu folder names.  (Note: If you want to control where the software installs, select the destination and give your own name to the Start Menu folder.)
    Install process
    If you want a desktop shortcut for the Tiger, check the box on the fourth screen before clicking [Next.]
  6. At the summary screen, click [Install].
    Tiger software install summary screen
  7. To install the driver so your computer recognizes the PhoCheck Tiger, click [OK].
    Install PhoCheck Tiger driver software on your PC
  8. Select [Next] on the first screen, and [Finish] on the second.
    Steps to installing the software driver.
  9. On the next screen, check the [X] for Launch Tiger Application, and click [Finish].
    Finish Tiger driver installation and launch the software.
  10. The Tiger software will launch, and you’ll see the Startup screen.
    Ion Science Tiger software splash screen

Note: On my Windows XP workstation, the program icon didn’t create shortcuts in the Start Programs menu, or on my desktop as instructed. If this happens to you, you can launch the application from the folder where it was installed (by default, the location is c:\IonScience\Tiger\Software\. Run the program Tiger.exe, or create a shortcut to your desktop and run it from there.
Launch Tiger manually from Windows XP folder

Step 2: Using the Ion Science Tiger software to configure your Tiger PID

  1. Power up the Tiger, and use the USB cable to connect the handheld to your computer.
    Ion Science Tiger software splash screen
  2. From the software startup screen, click [Instruments] in the left column, then click [Read]
    The instrument’s configuration is loaded into the PC.
    Read Tiger instrument configuration
  3. When the configuration is loaded completely, you’ll see the Instrument Summary screen.
    Tiger PID instrument summary screen.
  4. From the left menu frame, click on Configuration, to see all the settings available for your Tiger.
    Change configuration and send to device
  5. If you want to change any configurations, make the changes here, and click [Send to Instrument.]

Step 3: Using the Ion Science Tiger software to view data from your Tiger PID

  1. To view Datalogs click on the word Datalogs in the left panel, and select a session.
    Viewing data logs from your Ion Science PhoCheck Tiger
  2. To delete datalogs, click the [Menu] button in the orange block in the upper right corner of the screen, and choose [Delete All Datalogs].

For complete specifications, user manual, see the Ion Science PhoCheck Tiger VOC detector page.