GE TransPort PT878 Panametrics Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter Video

How to adjust the display contrast and backlight

Get the most out of your PT878 portable liquid ultrasonic flowmeter. Prepare for your tests by watching these training videos, each focusing on a key function of your testing process, from startup to reporting.

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  1. PT878 Portable ultrasonic flow meter overview
  2. PT878 How to connect power supply
  3. PT878 How to connect and disconnect transducer cables
  4. PT878 How to adjust the display contrast and backlight
  5. PT878 How to program the PT878 for a clamp-on system
  6. PT878 How to calibrate and operate the thickness gauge
  7. PT878 How to install transducers onto a pipe
  8. PT878 How to change display viewing and parameters
  9. PT878 How to view diagnostics on one page
  10. PT878 How to save and access site files on the PT878
  11. PT878 How to start a meter log
  12. PT878 How to connect your PT 878 to your computer
  13. PT878 How to transfer a meter log to your computer