Glossary of Industrial Hygiene and Safety Measurement and Monitoring Terms

A: Absorption to Audiometric Testing

B: Balancing to Byproduct

C: CA to Cutaneous

D: dBA to Dyspnea

E: Electrochemical Sensor to ExpSec

F: Failsafe to Fume

G: Gage pressure to Grounding

H: Hazardous areas to Hypothermia

I: IARC to Irritant

J: Job


L: Lmin to Lpk

M: mA to mV

N: Natl Electrical Manufacturers Assn to Nuisance Dust

O: Occupational Exposure Limit to Oz

P: Pascal Squared Hours to PSI


R: Radiation to RS485

S: Safe Area to Systemic

T: T60 to Type 1, Type 2

U: UL to Upper Exposure Limit

V: %Vol to Volatility

W: Water Column to Workplace Inspection



Z: Zones