Refractive Index

When light passes through a medium, it bends, and normally at a predictable angle. Refractive index is the measurement of that angle: the ratio of the velocity of light in the air to the velocity of light in a medium through which it passes. Knowing a refractive index can help you (a) identify the medium in a liquid or (b) measure the purity and concentration of a medium in that liquid.

Brix Scale (% Sugar Content)

0% Brix1.3330 30% Brix1.3811 60% Brix1.4418
5% Brix1.3403 35% Brix1.3902 65% Brix1.4532
10% Brix1.3479 40% Brix1.3997 70% Brix1.4651
15% Brix1.3557 45% Brix1.4096 75% Brix1.4774
20% Brix1.3639 50% Brix1.4200 80% Brix1.4901
25% Brix1.3723 55% Brix1.4307 85% Brix1.5003

Refractive Indices
of Known Materials

Acetaldehyde1.3316 Hexane1.3749
Acetic Acid1.3717 Hexanol1.4135
Acetic Anhydride1.3904 Hydrazine1.47
Acetone1.3588 Hydrogen Chloride1.256
Acetonitrile1.3441 Ice1.309
Acrylic Acid1.4224 Isobutyl Alcohol1.3959
Aluminum1.39 Iso-Octane1.3914
Amyl Acetate1.4012 Isopentane1.355
Aniline1.5863 Isopropyl Acetate1.377
Beer1.345 Isopropyl Alcohol1.3772
Benzaldehyde1.5463 Isopropyl Myristate1.4332
Benzene1.5011 Lead Tetraethyl1.5198
Benzyl Alcohol1.5396 Menthol1.458
Benzylamine1.5401 Methyl Alcohol1.3288
Bromoaniline (m)1.626 Methyl Ethyl Ketone1.3788
Butyl Acetate1.3951 Methyl Iodide1.5293
Butyl Alcohol1.3993 Methyl Isoamyl Ketone1.407
Butyl Chloride (n)1.4021 Methyl Isobutyl Ketone1.3957
Butylene1.3962 Methyl n-Propyl Ketone1.3901
Carbon Disulfide1.6295 Methyl t-Butyl Ether1.3689
Carbon Tetrachloride1.4631 Methylacetate1.3594
Carbonated Beverages1.34 - 1.356 Nickel1.08
Chlorine, Liquid1.385 Nitric Acid1.397
Chlorobenzene1.5248 Nitrobenzene1.5529
Chloroform1.4464 Nitromethane1.3818
Copper2.43 Nitrotoluene(o)1.5474
Cranberry Juice (25%) 1.351 N-Methylpyrolidone1.47
Cycloheptane1.444 Nonane1.4055
Cyclohexane1.4262 Octane1.3975
Cyclohexanone1.4503 Oil, vegetable (50° C)1.47
Cyclopentane1.4065 Pentane1.3575
Decane1.41203 Perchloroethylene1.5053
Decane1.41 Petroleum Ether1.365
Dichlorobenzene (o)1.5514 Phenol1.5425
Dichloromethane1.4241 Platinum2.33
Di-Ethyl Benzene1.4955 Pronanol(iso)1.3776
Di-Ethyl Ether1.3497 Propane1.34
Dimethyl Acetamide1.4384 Propyl Alcohol (n)1.3856
Dimethyl Benzene1.4972 Propyl Bromide1.4341
Dimethyl Sulfoxide1.4793 Propylene1.36
Dimethylaniline1.5582 Propylene Carbonate1.421
Dodecane1.41 Propylene Glycol (100%)1.433
Ethanol1.36 Pyridine1.5102
Ethyl Acetate1.3722 Silver1.35
Ethyl Alcohol1.3624 Styrene1.5434
Ethyl Benzene1.4952 Sulfuric Acid1.834
Ethyl Bromide1.4239 Tetrahydrofuran1.4072
Ethyl Ether1.3524 Titanium2.16
Ethylene Dichloride1.4448 Toluene1.4969
Ethylene Glycol 1.4627 Toluidine(o)1.5728
Formamide1.4453 Trichlorofluoroethane
(Freon 113)
Formic Acid1.3714 Tricholoroethane1.4377
Freon R-111.37 Triethylamine1.401
Freon R-121.29 Trifluoroacetic Acid1.285
Freon R-221.26 Turpentine1.472
Furan1.47 Turpentine (wood)1.47
Glycerol (Glycerin)1.4729 Water1.333
Glycol1.4318 Water (0° C)1.33346
Gold0.47 Water (100° C)1.31766
Heptane1.3876 Xylene(o)1.5055