RAECO Webinars

Our goal at RAECO is to do more than just supply products. So, we're working with our manufacturer partners and factory-trained product specialists to provide training courses and reference materials to help you get the most out of the instrumentation you buy from us.

Below, you can find recordings of our recent webinars, with the most recent recordings on top. If you missed the sessions, want to see them again, or want to share them with coworkers, they're here for you to view or download.

Air Sampling and Monitoring
2016-Jun-30: Sampling Requirements for OSHA's New Crystalline Silica Rule [Ron Roberson, speaker]
2016-Apr-21: Critical HVAC Measurements [Bob Bove, speaker]
2013-Aug-28: Introduction to Air Sampling [Dan Bingham, speaker]
Elemental Analysis
2015-Nov-19: Intro to Laser Bases Alloy Analysis [Don Sackett, speaker]
Emissions Monitoring
2017-Jul-18: Best Practices in Emissions & Combustion Testing and Portable Analyzer Care [Jordan Love, speaker]
2015-Jul-23: Testo TecSoft for Testing and Emission Compliance Reporting [Craig McKim, speaker]
2012-Apr-26: Testo easyEmissions Software for Reporting and Data Management [Craig McKim, speaker]
Fixed Gas Monitoring
2015-Apr-30: Eliminating False Alarms in Toxic Gas Detection [Jason Schexnayder, speaker]
2013-Jul-30: Designing a Gas Detection System [Jim Behnke, speaker]
Flow Measurement
2016-Apr-7: Using Ultrasonic Meters for Successful Energy Metering [Dan Kilpatrick, speaker]
2015-Mar-12: Six Critical Things You Can Learn from a Flow Spot Check [Dan Kilpatrick, speaker]
2014-Dec-18: Flare Gas Regulations and Monitoring Technologies [Lorenzo Nirchi, speaker]
2014-Jul-24: Introduction to Ultrasonic Flow [Lorenzo Nirchi, speaker]
Gas Detection and Analysis
2018-Jun-14: When Measuring Trace Oxygen is Critical to Your Process[Ken Soleyn, speaker]
2016-Dec-1: Best Practices in Maintaining Gas Detection Systems [John Greivell and Jim Behnke, speakers]
2016-Aug-25: Continuous Benzene-Specific Monitoring [Warren Haag, speaker]
2016-Aug-25: Oxygen Measurement in Safety Critical Applications [Warren Dean, speaker]
2016-July-26: Improving Remote Worker Safety [Louis Basque, speaker]
2015-Jun-18: Fire Detection 101: Early Hazard Detection for Industrial Fires [Charles Simek, speaker]
2015-May-21: Improving Your Safety Culture with Portable Wireless Gas Detection [Tom Kochevar, speaker]
2015-Jan-29: Low-Cost, Reliable Detection for Difficult-to-Measure Gases [Dan Bingham, Ron Roberson, speakers]
Life Safety
2016-Feb-11: Integrating Life Safety and Process Safety Systems [Ray Follis, speaker]
Noise Monitoring
2016-Jun-2: Fundamentals of Noise [Lee Hager, speaker]
2014-Oct-21: Introduction to Community Noise Standards [Lee Hager, speaker]
Particulate Monitoring
2015-Sep-24: Five Things to Know About Real-Time Aerosol Measurement Instruments [Scott Norman, speaker]
2014-Aug-28: Introduction to Aerosol Monitoring [Scott Norman, speaker]
2013-Nov-19: Particulate Monitoring 101 [Sean Brantl, speaker]
Portable Gas Monitoring
2013-Sept-24: Photoionization 101: Basics of PIDs [Werner Haag, speaker]
Process Moisture Measurement
2015-Oct-27: Fundamentals of Trace Moisture Measurement Using Aluminum Oxide Sensors [Ken Soleyn, speaker]
2012-Apr-26: Introduction to Process Moisture Measurement [Ken Soleyn, speaker]
Respirator Fit Testing
2014-Jan-28: Portacount Troubleshooting [Tom Douglas, Kenya Turner, speakers]
Process Gas Analyzers
2013: Process Analyzers 101 [Barry Landaiche, speaker]
Tank Cleaning
2016-Oct-27: Tank Cleaning 101 [Phil Koppenhofer, speaker]
Temperature Monitoring
2013: Thermography 101 [Kevin Lesnewski, speaker]
Ventilation Testing and Balancing
2016-Apr-21: Critical HVAC Measurements [Bob Bove, speaker]