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Emissions and Combustion Testing 201:
Best Practices in Testing and Portable Analyzer Care

Testo's Jordan Love teaches our customers about emissions and combustion gas analyzers and sensor selection, use, and proper care.

In this one hour free webinar, he will cover the following:

  • Understanding the chemistry and physics of electrochemical sensors
  • Overcoming sensor limitations
  • Instructions for testing in extreme ambient conditions
  • Care and maintenance tips for analyzers and sensors
  • Live Q&A: Ask the expert

Jordan Love, TestoRecorded Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at RAECO-LIC LLC

Download the presentation slides [1.6MB PDF]


About the speaker: Jordan Love joined Testo in 1998 with a strong background and experience as a computer and electronics technician. His interest in chemistry, biology, and environmental science made him a perfect fit at Testo's service and calibration department. Since then, he has worked in customer service, helping customers with measurement applications and product soutions, and in inventory management. In 2007, he moved to technical sales, and then became emissions product specialist, building on his technical background with futher experence in sensors and electronics for the combustion and emission product lines. Jordan has also worked in marketing for HVAC products and Energy and Particles, rounding out his knowledge and customer-focused perspective on combustion, from software and sensors to field troubleshooting.

We thank Jordan for sharing his expertise with our customers.

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