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Introduction to Moisture Measurement

GE's Ken Soleyn provides an overview moisture and humidity measurement theory and terminology as well as instrument solutions used to measure moisture in industrial, process, and metrology applications. Due to its length, this webinar has been split into two shorter videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Ken Solyen, GE Measurement and ControlRecorded on Thursday, September 25, 2014 at RAECO-LIC LLC

Download the slide deck (2.5MB Adobe PDF format)

About the speaker: Ken Soleyn is a GE Measurement & Control moisture and gas instrumentation product specialist. His 29 year career in instrumentation and controls includes working as an analytical chemist, sales engineer, and product manager for chilled mirror and laser-based analyzers.

Ken has served as an instructor and presented several papers in the field of moisture and humidity measurement. He holds a degree from Kingsborough College and is a member of ISA, ISHM, AGA, ASHRAE, and NCSL. We thank Ken for sharing his expertise and time with RAECO customers.

We thank Ken for his expertise and his time.

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